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How Can I Plan for Incapacity?

Posted by William G. Kilpatrick, Jr. | Aug 08, 2022

Everyone knows that one day they will have to accept the fact that they are mortal and will pass away.  However, many people never consider the possibility that they might become incapacitated at some point and therefore, fail to make a plan.  Watch Bill Kilpatrick in one of his webinars go over what are the different ways to incorporate planning for your potential incapacity, including: (1) Doing nothing and let the court decide; (2) Using powers of attorney; and (3) Using revocable/living trusts. 

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William G. Kilpatrick, Jr.

Attorney Bill Kilpatrick is the founder of The Will Lawyer, P.A. and excels in guiding his clients through the often-confusing maze of financial, tax and legal decisions to create plans that ensure the well-being of their families and the accomplishment of cherished family goals.

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